Pete Kelly’s Secret Plan to Doom Alaska

Senator Kelly does "Who, me?"

Senator Kelly does “Who, me?”

WC has decided that Pete Kelly must have a plan. It’s possible that he’s secretly a nihilist, someone who condemns existence, but WC thinks it is unlikely Senator Kelly knows what nihilism is.

So, based on careful observation and inference, as well as logical extension of his actions and inaction so far, WC presents Senator Pete Kelly’s Secret Plan for Alaska:

    1. Exhaust the Constitutional Budget Reserve. The first thing in his plan is to eliminate any flexibility in future budgeting. To accomplish this, he has to spend down the Constitutional Budget Reserve as quickly as possible. Note this also accomplishes Step 3 below, which is an added bonus. Status: Nearly Accomplished.
    2. Axe the State Operating and Capital Budgets. Cut state spending to the point that government services are maimed, the court system is closed part of the time, and services that make Alaska an attractive place to live are eliminated. Defer maintenance and capital spending to the point existing infrastructure is jeopardized.  Status: Nearly Accomplished.
    3. Invade the Permanent Fund to Reduce PFDs. PFDs are tied to the available income of the Permanent Fund itself. Reduce the Permanent Fund and you reduce the PFDs to citizens, making Alaska even less attractive to its residents. In addition, use the artifically created fiscal crisis to invade the PFDs themselves, reducing their value to citizens. This technique has the biggest impact on the poor, Alaska Natives and other folks not likely to vote for Kelly anyway so it’s especially useful. Status: In Process.
    4. Resist and Refuse to Consider Any Sensible Tax System. This is key. The Plan cannot be achieved without the worst kind of fiscal crisis. By absolutely opposing any statewide income or sales tax, you can provoke a fiscal crisis, in which the State of Alaska cannot meet its obligations. Use whatever flimsy excuse you have to, as long as it hides The Plan. Status: Nearly Accomplished.
    5. Make It Impossible to Afford to Live in Alaska. With minimal services, and most of the state’s remaining resources devoted to paying pensions, and no PFDs, all the Undesirables will leave Alaska. Undesirables, of course, are people who don’t vote for Kelly and his allies. The population is already starting to decline. Status: In Process.
    6. When the State Is Desperate, Implement The Plan.

WC doesn’t pretend to know what the ultimate secret plan is. Sell the state to the Koch Brothers? Pay Big Oil to carry off remaining crude? Transform the state into a kleptocracy? Or maybe it is nihilism, destruction for its own sake.

It doesn’t matter, because just the steps alone to Kelly’s Secret Plan will wreck Alaska. It will wreck the economy, it will destroy Alaska infrastructure and devastate Alaska’s Native peoples.

And, at least in the short term, benefit Pete Kelly.



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