Notes on Jamie Smith’s “Futility”

Jamie Smith, used with Permission

Jamie Smith, used with Permission

WC and Mrs. WC did some serious preparation for the millennium. Not Y2K prepping stuff – remember Y2K? But we laid in a bunch of fireworks to celebrate all those zeroes on the odometer.

On the night of December 31, 1999, it was bitterly cold in Fairbanks, even up on the hillside where we lived, out of the ice fog. But we bundled up, parkas, insulated pants, mukluks; serious insulation, and prepared to discharge all that gunpowder.

And then the aurora came out. A pretty good show. We set off a couple of bottle rockets. Against the aurora, they just weren’t that much. We wound up giving up on the purchased fireworks, and watching nature’s instead.

Jamie has it exactly right here. Nature bats last, and bless her for it.

(Jamie Smith is an Alaska treasure. His Ink & Snow Blog is always worth a visit. Thanks, Jamie, for that hastily granted permission to use your stuff.)