The Real Witch Hunt

“There is indeed a witch hunt, and it’s led by Fox against special counsel Robert Mueller.”

— Ralph Peters, former Fox News Commentator

One definition, a political definition, of a “witch hunt” is, “A public smear-campaign against an individual.” In turn, a “smear campaign” is, “An effort to damage or call into question someone’s reputation, by propounding negative propaganda.”

President Trump has frequently called the investigations of his relationships and his family and business’s relationships to Russia and Rissian interests as “a witch hunt.” Both in public remarks and on Twitter, the President has repeatedly called the special counsel investigation led by former FBI Director Robert Mueller and the U.S. House and U.S. Senate investigations “witch hunts,” dismissing them as frivolous investigations launched by his political enemies seeking to delegitimize his 2016 election victory.

Of course, the fact is that there are guilty pleas. There are indictments. There is massive evidence of Russian tampering with information and election processes.

It’s not propaganda if it’s true.

There is compelling evidence of numerous, deep ties between the Trump campaign and Russian interests. And then there is Trump’s own call for the Russians to hack Secretary Clinton’s email servers.

Trump’s follower, in the face of those realities, have instead attacked Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller. He is everything that Trump and his allies are not: a military veteran, honest, smart and experienced. And a Republican, too. So instead of addressing the reality of Russian interference and those numerous ties between Trump allies and those Russians, they’ve engaged in an ad hominem attack, a smear campaign, against Mueller. Iroincially, there is a witch hunt. It’s just not the witch hunt Trump claims.

Trump didn’t trouble to provide specifics. Just an unfounded charge. Another “crooked Hillary” claim.

The U.S. House Intelligence Committee Republican report was supposed to eviscerate Mueller but there turned out to be nothing specific there, either.

So, yeah, witch hunt. Again Mueller. Yeah, massive conflicts of interest between the Trump businesses and the emoluments clause.