The Real Reasons Rudy “Resigned” from Greenberg Traurig

Greenberg Traurig, Rudy Giuliani's former law firm

Greenberg Traurig, Rudy Giuliani’s former law firm

The New York Times has reported that Rudy Giuliani, the first pit bull in history to choke on his own foot, has “resigned” from Greenberg Traurig, the international law firm where he has been a partner for the few years. The Official Explanation: “After recognizing that this work is all consuming and is lasting longer than initially anticipated, Rudy has determined it is best for him to resign,” said the firm’s chairman, Richard A. Rosenbaum, according to the Times.

Yeah, sure.

WC suggests there are four much, much more likely reasons Rude Rudy was shown the door.

  1. The ethical train wreck that is Michael Cohen has already splashed on Giuliani. Despite what Giuliani has told the media, it is not common for a lawyer to wash payoff monies through his or her trust account; in most circumstances it is also unethical. As in “get you disbarred” unethical. Not to mention inviting criminal charges of obstructing justice, money laundering and bribery. Greenberg Taurig doesn’t want to be splashed. The ethical violations are so egregious it doesn’t even want to risk getting splashed.[^1]
  2. Trump routinely ignores his lawyers’ advice. If the advice is, just to pick a random example, “stop sending out misleading tweets” and your client continues regular Twitter storm, you have no ethical choice but to resign.
  3. Any number of sensible people – partners, associates and staff – in large law firms don’t want anything to do with Donald Trump, let alone be called “Trump’s lawyers.” So they leave. Worse, from the law firm’s point of view, there are clients who don’t want to use “Trump’s law firm” as their lawyers. Sometimes those professionals and clients leave.
  4. Trump has a long, long history – a decades long history – of not paying his lawyers. He’s notorious for it. It’s bad enough to damage your reputation, have to quit because your client is a jerk, and risk the loss of valuable employees and clients, but then to not get paid? Perish the thought.

Look, if the work really was “all consuming” and was “lasting longer” than expected, there would be champagne flowing at Greenberg Traurig. This is the 8th largest law firm in the world. They have 1,800 attorneys. If necessary, they’d hire more lawyers and bill all of that time and make a ton of money. You can trust WC on this: if there is more work than expected, lawyers respond by billing still more time.

Nope. Rudy was booted out of his law firm because it doesn’t want to be associated with the ongoing train wreck of the Trump Administration and the disaster area that is the Trump defense. Especially for a client who doesn’t pay his bills.



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