Lisa Murkowski: Too Little, Too Late

Senator Lisa Murkowski, Climate Change Denier (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Senator Lisa Murkowski, Child Abuse Enabler (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Alaska’s senior U.S. Senator, Lisa Murkowski, has finally issued a statement on the Trump Administration’s child abuse on our borders.

The time is now for the White House to end the cruel, tragic separations of families. They are not consistent with our values. The thousands of children taken from their parents and families must be reunited as quickly as possible and be treated humanely while immigration proceedings are pending. ‎I am troubled that those seeking asylum are being turned away before they even have the opportunity to file their papers. While I have said that this is a policy discussion that needs to be had, in my view we should not have a policy designed to separate families, particularly mothers with young children, without a clear process and focus on the needs of the children. To blame previous administrations for a wrong committed today is not acceptable. The Attorney General and Secretary of Homeland Security should make the call today. If the administration does not fix this and fast, we in Congress must.

Nice sentiment but too little, too late.1

Too late. It’s been going on for more than six weeks and it wasn’t until Monday that Senator Murkowski said anything. If you or WC forcefully tore a baby, let alone thousands of babies, from the arms of their mothers, the cops would arrive in minutes with sirens screaming. This is child abuse, and everyone, including Senator Murkowski, knows it. You don’t silently condone child abuse for six weeks and only then, when public outrage demands it, issue a press statement. Why did you wait six weeks, Senator?

Too little. Where is the outrage? Why haven’t you acted, instead of vaguely threatening to act? Children are being kept in cages, and all you issue a press statement? Tell WC something, Senator Murkowski: are you going to be a party to allowing President Trump to get his “compromise,” to leverage other people’s babies to get his stupid wall funded?

The Methodist Church, hardly an organization that rushes to judgment, has condemned Attorney General Jeff Sessions, an avowed Methodist, for his role in these crimes.

He doesn’t run for re-election in a few years.


  1. Senator and alleged human being Dan Sullivan (R, Koch Bros.) issued an even more Quisling statement. Hey Senator, let’s do a thought experiment. Suppose your wife and daughter were traveling abroad, and a customs official in, say, Bulgaria, tore your daughter from your wife’s arms. And wouldn’t tell her or you where the child was. Would you issue a press statement and do nothing more?