Following Up and Following Down: July 2018

Whack A Mole Fever | by TPapi

Whack A Mole Fever | by TPapi (licensed under Creative Commons)

WC will make another stab at his efforts at diligence, if not journalism, and follow-up on some earlier blog posts.

Remember when Golden Valley Electric’s Healy 2 power plant was called the “Clean Coal Project”? In an ongoing affront to the Sunk Cost Fallacy, GVEA has now poured $175 million in rate payer dollars in to the effort to make the lemon produce juice. That’s after the November 2016, small explosion and the March 2017 big explosion, both of which caused significant damage. But good news, GVEA customers. The plant ran successfully in a test last week. Burning fuel oil, not coal. But, hey, “In the not-too-distant future, we’ll start bringing in some coal,” a GVEA spokesperson said. Oh, joy. The dirtiest, most polluting fuel on the planet. Happily, GVEA was remarkably vague about when.

WC conservation colleagues continue to play whack-a-mole with the Pebble Mine project. Most recently, Northern Dynasty Mineral’s latest sugar daddy, First Quantum Minerals, backed out of the engagement, citing “irreconcilable differences” (“Unable to reach agreement on the option and partnership transaction.”) Governor Walker, in contrast to Republican gubernatorial candidate Mike Dunleavy (R, Obstinance and Ignorance), stated he was firmly opposed to Pebble. 

Ex-Republican George Will opined that in the Trump-Kim talks bode dangerously ill for the upcoming Trump-Putin talks. Trump was pwned by Kim, the experts agree. Putin is a lot more clever than Kim.

The most dangerous moment of the Trump presidency will arrive when he, who is constantly gnawed by insecurities and the fear of not seeming what he is not (“strong”), realizes how weak and childish he seems to all who cast a cool eye on Singapore’s aftermath. The danger is of him lashing out in wounded vanity. Meanwhile, this innocent abroad is strutting toward a meeting with the cold-eyed Russian

The whole article is interesting and worth your time.

The Liar-in-Chief seems to be increasing his number of daily fibs. His average over the first year or so of his administration was six lies per day. The rate has climbed to about nine fibs a day over the last two months. Former FBI Director James Comey compared the serial untruths to dealing with ocean waves:

Trump’s) style of conversation was a series of assertions about great things he had done. The challenge I found was that they wash over you like a wave and even if you disagree, the waves keep coming. But that is the style, it’s ‘I’m great, I’m great, I’m great.’

Scott Pruitt, the lackey for pollution who Trump made director of the Environmental Protection Agency, got himself mired in enough scandals that the Scandlist-in-Chief asked for his resignation. So another Trump cabinet appointee – the fifth, if anyone is still keeping score – leaves in disgrace. Pruitt’s deputy is no prize; he’s an oil industry lobbyist. But he’s an oil industry lobbyist who is now running the EPA.

And speaking of Trump’s cabinet, here’s a visual aid to the employment carnage:

Canned by Trump

Canned by Trump

Identifying the individuals is left as an exercise for the reader. No, this does not include the 23 indictments.

WC’s getting queasy. That’s enough.