It’s Not Just Republican Men

While WC was off photographing birds, two stories broke, both involving Republican candidates and both involving women, proving that despite President Trump’s egregious and unapologetic sexism, the Republicans are all about equal corruption, with no regard to gender.

Melissa Howard posing with he mother and her forged diploma. Mom must be awfully proud.

Melissa Howard posing with her mother and her forged diploma. Mom must be awfully proud.

The first exhibit is Melissa Howard, a Florida state House candidate. She has achieved infamy, or t least notoriety, by (a) first lying about graduating from undergraduate school, and then (b) when caught lying, forging a diploma from said university, and then (c) when caught forging the diploma, claiming she never meant to mislead anyone. You can kind of see why she never graduated. And why she has pursued a career in marketing. But it’s all right. She says she is sorry. And has reportedly withdrawn as a candidate.

Candidate for Senate District M Bekah Halat

Candidate for Senate District M Bekah Halat

Then, much closer to home, there is Rebecca “Bekah” Halat, a Republican running against House incumbent Chris Birch for the Alaska State for South Anchorage.1 Ms. Halat markets herself as a successful businesswoman who would be tough on crime, cut the state budget and restore the Permanent Fund dividend.

“With a proven track record of owning, operating, managing, consulting and training successful businesses in Alaska, I have the drive and background that enables me to offer a fresh perspective on Alaska’s largest issues.”

Candidate Halat made the news recently when she and her husband were indicted for felony Second Class Theft. This “successful businesswoman” lied in her application for food stamps. She wasn’t qualified to receive them, but by the simple expedient of omitting assets made herself appear qualified. Among other omissions, she claimed she had one bank account when in fact there were four.

According to the Anchorage Daily News, Ms. Halat called the criminal charges “false allegations from those trying to steal the election.” Oddly, her website and Facebook page make no mention of these recent events. The Eagle, Eagle River’s newspaper, called Ms. Halat “a Republican rock star.” Oopsie.

WC isn’t so naive as to think that only Republicans are liars. But neither is he so naive as to believe only men have the honor. But the Joe Miller Trophy for Arrogant Deception goes to these two women this week.




  1. She boasts of being Alaska’s Mrs. America. That’s nice, but exactly how is that a credential for the Alaska state Senate? 

One thought on “It’s Not Just Republican Men

  1. Sad … ooops that word has been seriously corrupted. Unfortunately “arrogant deception” has become all to prevalent in politics and has become “business as usual”.

    Ironic that the Joe Miller award goes to “ladies” from the northern and southern most States … from sea to shining sea the beat goes on and the arrogant expectation is that we continue to dance to the beat. Thank you for keeping an keeping an eye on the beat as the tempo of our election cycle picks up.

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