Woodward’s Fear: More Corroboration of What We Already Knew

© Mike Luckovich, September 6, 2018

© Mike Luckovich, September 6, 2018

WC hasn’t read Fear yet, but will.1 Woodward is too good, too authoritative, too principled to ignore. But WC doesn’t expect to learn much that’s really really new. As Andrew Sullivan has said,

We . . . know that the president is unfocused, inarticulate, prone to tantrums like a 5-year-old, incapable of reading a memo that doesn’t have big pictures or graphics on it, that he insults everyone, often explosively, as his mood fits, spends hours watching cable news, tweets like a distracted animal, and has lied and lied so much fact-checkers are close to exhaustion. And we know he is incapable of admitting a lie, issuing a correction, or adjusting to reality. We know he just makes things up all the time. We know all this because we have eyes and ears.

We’ve known it since Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury. We’ve known it since Trump lied about the size of the crowd at his inauguration. We’ve known it from the – from before the time – he was a candidate for president. It’s just more corroboration. Perhaps a bit more authoritative; Bob Woodward has very, very rarely gotten the facts wrong in his Pulitzer Prize-winning, 40-year career. But Woodward simply confirms what we already know.

But the thing is, the Republicans who control Congress already know it, too. Fear isn’t going to change their minds. It’s not going to make a single one of them say, “My country and its principles are more important than partisan advantage, I’m voting against Cavanaugh’s confirmation.” It’s not going to make one of them realize, “This man is pissing all over the Constitution and American values and has to be stopped.”

The only thing that will change their minds will be if Trump provokes a political disaster for Republicans this November, if he becomes so toxic that the Republicans lose control of Congress and can see the chances to keeping the Presidency in 2020 are grim. It’s the Republicans’ greed for power that has made them cuddle up to this dumpster fire of a presidency; serious risk to that greed for power is the only thing that will drive them away.

In this sadly gerrymandered, bitterly divided country, that’s going to be hard to do. But if it doesn’t happen, things are only going to get worse.

Voters have to ask themselves, even if they have never voted for a Democrat before, “Are my political goals more important than the future of our democracy?”

The Christianists have already answered that question. They have tacitly agreed to betray everything Jesus stood for to get the courts filled with anti-choice activist judges.

Are the rest of us so craven?

But please excuse WC just now. He’s off to buy a book.



  1. And will post a book review when finished. 

One thought on “Woodward’s Fear: More Corroboration of What We Already Knew

  1. Woodward interview and comments on the times op ed on the news this morning were great. While it oddly put him on the side of Trump in criticizing the “insider op ed” it let him point out that he uses specific incidents, more fact checking and vetted sources for his writing. Of course to be fair the interview did serve to promote his book 🙂 Not sure how the “conservative” independents and the “moderate” republicans will react this November.

    I usually refer to the group of Christians that stray from Jesus’s teachings to promote their own agenda as misguided or even Christians in name only had not run into the term “Christianist” seems to say the same thing. I am a member of a “progressive” Lutheran Church Missouri Synod congregation. Where the bottom line is about the Word as written and that we can not save or “convert” anyone only Jesus did that and only the Holy Spirit can bring faith to someone. I, and the majority of our congregation are decidedly not Trump supporters but are not Trump haters, we support the office no necessarily the man in the office. I and many in our congregation know we are all sinners and believe that abortion is a sin just as are the many sins of greed, lust, lying and on and on that we all commit on a regular basis. In many ways in the Word Jesus tells us that we should love our neighbors and our “enemies” and pray for them not hate them. The Word when taken as a whole is a doctrine of love not hate. “Sad” (I used to like that word) that to many professed holier than thou “Christianists” cherry pick the Word and forget that the Word tells us that there should be a separation of church and state and forget we are taught to take the log out of our own eye before dealing with the spec in our neighbors eye.

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