WC’s Voter’s Guide to the 2018 Alaska Elections

Remember, WC no longer lives in Alaska. You are entitled to discount WC’s opinions on Alaska elections even more than in the past. But Alaskans need to stop making the same mistakes over and over. So, with faint hope anyone will have their mind changed, here’s a few tips.

Start with this indisputable fact.

Conoco-Philips Profitability by Region

ConocoPhillips Profitability by Region

Alaska is by far the most profitable region in which ConocoPhillips produces crude oil. It’s not even close. $26.25 per barrel of oil, as against $11.68 per barrel globally. So maybe SB 21’s tax breaks for Big Oil was a really bad idea? Because that’s your permanent fund dividend, your university’s budget, you infrastructure repairs going to ConocoPhillips shareholders.

If SB 21 was a really bad idea, maybe it would be an equally bad idea to elect the folks who supported that fiscal disaster to public office?

That would include Republican gubernatorial candidate Mike Dunleavy and Republican state senator Pete Kelly, staunch supporters of SB 21. That would include Republican Lt. Governor candidate Kevin Meyer, who freaking works for ConocoPhillips.

You don’t like Democrats? Fine. Find the candidates you dislike the most, the ones who have hurt Alaska the most, and vote against them. Work against them. Vote for someone else. If you have to hold your nose, fine. Because Dunleavy-Meyer in the Governor’s Mansion and Pete Kelly back in the state senate are never, ever going to work for Alaskans.

Alaska doesn’t need four years of politicians who work for Big Oil and not for Alaskans.