Your Duties As an American Citizen

It’s the most important election of WC’s lifetime. Which brings to mind WC’s 8th grade social studies teacher, the ferocious and unabashedly patriotic Tulsa Ross,1 who taught that our nation expects just two things of us as citizens:2

(1) serve jury duty when asked; and


** VOTE **


in every election. If you’ve already voted, thanks for your citizenship. If you haven’t, get off you fat, lazy butt and do it now. No excuses. If you aren’t even registered to vote, then in a very important way you are an un-American, and disqualified from civic discourse.

  1. We opened every class reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, the first paragraph of the U.S. Constitution and the American’s Creed. We closed every class with the Freedom Pledge. Force-fed patriotism. WC, naturally, revolted. It didn’t help that Ms. Ross looked very much like WC’s maternal grandmother
  2. She omitted the third, the “universal” military draft. Which even in the early 1960s was a non-trivial burden of citizenship.