American Voters Fail

America failed to repudiate Donald Trump.

Sure, the Democrats flipped the U.S. House. But the House usually flips from the President’s party to opposition.

But the Trump-endorsed Ted Cruz over Beto O’Rourke? An embarrassing, senile Don Young over anybody, let alone a competent, qualified Alyse Galvin. The co-author with Pete Kelly of Alaska’s extended economic malaise, Mike Dunleavy, over Begich? The list goes on an on. An appalling number of Trump-endorsed candidates won. More importantly, American voters, with a chance to repudiate Donald Trump, failed to do so.

Donald Trump, the author of some 6,940 lies and mistruths since assuming office.1 Donald Trump, serial adulterer, where we’re not talking about whether he is but whether the women he did it with can share the details. Donald Trump, who sent the U.S. military to the Texas-Mexico border as a political stunt.

It’s bad enough that we have a President who so shames the presidency and our country. But it’s worse, much worse, that we have voters who listen to him, and follow his advice.

And Texas? During the Republican presidential primary election, Trump called Cruz names which, in Alaska and Idaho, at least, are fighting words. Cruz accepted Trump’s endorsement? Appeared on stage with him?2 And Texans, all those he-man types, apparently, thought it was just fine and re-elected the spineless moron? But WC digresses…

More importantly, Republicans have firmer control of the U.S. Senate. The parade of ultra-conservative judicial appointments will continue, and be confirmed more easily. The odds are depressingly high that Trump will get another SCOTUS appointment.

The only remaining hope of a solution earlier than 2020 is Robert Mueller III. And a further side effect of the outcome of the midterms is that Trump is going to be feel empowered to fire Deputy AG Rosenstein, with the aim of firing Mueller. WC hopes Mueller has the indictments and report ready to go, because his job tenure is likely short.

So, yeah. Fail.

WC plans to spend the next few days listening to John Fogerty sing “Who’ll Stop the Rain,” over and over.


  1. Technically, that’s only through October 31. The firestorm of deceit from Trump the last few days before the midterm elections overwhelmed WaPo fact-checkers. According to The Onion, “they’ll probably wrap up evaluating President Trump’s statements by 2050 at the latest.” 
  2. Which raises an interesting question: Where does Trump store Ted Cruz’s balls? Because Cruz sure doesn’t have them. 

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  1. Funny, you get to say “Cruz’s balls” in your footnote, but I can’t call it a godawful picture….or at least, I couldn’t post that phrase in my comment. We’ll see what happens this time.

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