SECOND UPDATE: The Best People, the Very Best.

From left, Paul Manafort, former campaign chairman for the Donald Trump presidential campaign, and Michael Cohen, Trump's former personal lawyer. (Photographers not known)

From left, Paul Manafort, former campaign chairman for the Donald Trump presidential campaign, and Michael Cohen, Trump’s former personal lawyer. (Photographers not known)

This is the second update to WC’s ongoing list of crimes committed by Trump appointees. Not likely to be the last, either.

Donald Trump promised us his administration would hire “the best people, the very best. Not the biggest donors or biggest supporters.” As a service to readers, WC provides this updated summary table of how that’s working out. Spoiler alert: Not so good.

Note this is only a partial list. As investigations proceed, WC will continue update this from time to time. Additions to the list are at the top.

Name Office Charges Status
George Higginbotham Senior Congressional Affairs Specialist, Justice Department Illegal Transfer of Funds Higginbotham was a Trump campaign fundraiser.  While working at USDOJ, he facilitated the transfer of the transfer of tens of millions of dollars into the United States to finance the lobbying effort, attempting to shut down the still ongoing probe into embezzlement and bribery surrounding the 1MDB Malaysian state development fund
Trey Glenn Region 4 WPA Administrator Violations of Alabama’s Ethics Laws Multiple violations of Alabama’s Ethics Act, including soliciting a thing of value from a principal, lobbyist or subordinate, and receiving money in addition that received in one’s official capacity.
Wilbur Ross Secretary of Commerce Lying to Congress Secretary Ross told Congress he had no role in adding a citizenship question to the decennial census; there are documents showing that was a lie.
Brock Long FEMA Administrator Misuse of government equipment House investigating his use of government vehicles for personal purposes
David Shulkin Secretary for Veterans Affairs Misuse of government equipment An inspector general found that he improperly accepted tickets to a Wimbledon championship tennis match, and his chief of staff altered an email and made false statements that eventually led to taxpayer money being spent on travel for Shulkin.
Paul Manafort Trump Campaign Chair Tax Fraud, Money Laundering, Fraud Guilty on 8 of 18 charges; has since plead guilty to additional crimes rather than face a second trial.

Has allegedly continued to lie since and faces pending sentencing.

Michael Flynn National Security Advisor Lying to FBI Plead guilty
George Papadopoulos Foreign Policy Advisor Lying to FBI Plead guilty, sentenced to 14 days in prison; now serving time.
Richard Gates Trump Campaign Aide Financial Fraud, Lying to FBI Plead guilty
Michael Cohen Trump’s Personal Lawyer Tax evasion, bank fraud, campaign finance violations

Lying to Congress

Plead guilty, sentencing pending


Plead guilty, also awaiting sentencing

Scott Pruitt Administrator of EPA Subject of 13 federal investigations, including ethics, destruction of evidence and misappropriation of federal funds “Resigned” under pressure July 5. Investigations still open
Rob Porter White House Staff Secretary Multiple allegations of domestic violence “Resigned” under pressure
Tom Price Secretary of Health and Human Services Misuse of taxpayer funds; 26 chartered flights in 232 days “Resigned” under pressure
Allen Weisselberg Chief Financal Officer, The Trump Organization Unknown Granted immunity from prosecution
David Pecker Publisher, National Enquirer, Trump Confidante Unknown Granted immunity from prosecution
W. Samuel Patten Lobbyist and Trump Supporter, Tied to Manafort Acting as Unregistered Lobbyist, Lying to Congress Plead guilty, signed cooperation agreement

Seven guilty pleas. Eight guilty verdicts. More than 30 indictments. That is, as others have noted, a lot of witches in Trump’s “witch hunt.”

(WC isn’t even going to list the current and former communications staffers who have perjured themselves. There’s not enough room.)