We hate palm oil! It is bad for animals especially orangutans. People cut down trees where orangutans live No!

A Glimmer of Hope

This sign is stapled to a tree on N. 20th Street in Boise, Idaho. It gives WC hope. For more on why palm oil plantations are bad, check out this report from the Orangutan Foundation. Advertisements

Funding sources for the anti-climate change effort. Credit: Prof. Robert Brulle, Drexel University

Thirty Pieces of Silver

Why do people doubt the reality of anthropogenic climate change in the face of near unanimous expert evidence that it is real? It’s because the fossil fuel industry and its investors have spent billions of dollars working to persuade Americans of a lie: that there is doubt, that the science is uncertain. Those fossil fuel…

Short-eared Owl and Swainson's Hawk, Camas Prairie, Idaho

The Owl and the Hawk

It was a rainy, dreary day in Camas Prairie this past Wednesday. But despite the rains, birds were active. And WC had a chance to watch an interesting interaction between a Swainson’s Hawk and a Short-eared Owl. Now a Swainson’s is a pretty big bird, with a length of about 21 inches and a wingspan…

Military Section, Morris Hill Cemetery, Boise, Idaho

Memorial Day, 2019

Life is precious, including soldiers’ lives. Memorial Day is when we remember those who gave up their lives in service to our country. We should also remember it is important not to waste those lives, only to spend them when necessary. These are just a few of the graves of soldiers from the Boise area…

Dr. Murray Gell-Mann in his Santa Fe Institute office, 2014. Photo credit InSightFoto

R.I.P. Murray Gell-Mann, 1929-2019

Murray Gell-Mann is the only Nobel Prize winner WC has ever taken birding. It’s true. Here’s a (lightly edited) blog post from 2009, reporting the event: WC won’t even pretend: this borders on bragging. Last Saturday WC birded with Dr. Murray Gell-Mann, Nobel-prize winning physicist, linguist, philosopher and avid birder. There wasn’t much of a…