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WC’s virtual mailbox is overflowing; there have been complaints from the email host. So WC will undertake to answer a few questions and delete lots and lots of emails. Questions are in italics; WC’s responses in plain text.

Hey snowflake, how come you’re afraid of a real man as president?

WC lived in Alaska for more than 60 years. You live in suburban Louisville, Kentucky. WC has shot and butchered moose; caught, cleaned, frozen and smoked hundreds of salmon; heated his home with wood WC cut and split himself; used an outhouse at -60° F; and taught glacier climbing. When you can match that, you may call WC a “snowflake.” And if you think a serial liar, adulterer, bigot and conman is a “real man,” you are going to lead a sad, pitiful life. Feel free to come back with a real question if you wish.

Why’d you leave Alaska?

The easy answer is that as a bird photographer, WC needs only light and lots of birds to be happy. Unhappily, in Alaska, most of the year, there isn’t very much of either. The Christmas Bird Count in Fairbanks might get 25 species. The Christmas Bird Count in Boise gets 100 species. The harder answer is that it was painful to watch the state WC loved self-destruct, a process that has only accelerated since WC left.

How many and what kinds of birds have you photographed?

As asked, the question is unanswerable. But WC has photographed some 1,207 species of birds, ranging in size from the pony-sized Greater Rhea (a cousin to the Ostrich), which is about 55 inches long, standing about 60 inches tall, to the miniscule Tufted Coquette, a very small hummingbird, about 2.5 inches long and weighing just 2.3 grams (0.081 oz).

What do you think of the Cubs’ chances this year?

Nah. Once a century.

How long have you been blogging? Should I blog?

Wickersham’s Conscience has been around since late November, 2008. On average, WC writes about 350 blog posts a year. While WC enjoys writing – in some respects nearly has to write something – it is still sometimes a chore. It is certainly not a task for someone who does not enjoy writing and, if WC may say so, has a modicum of self-discipline, if not focus. YMMV.

What’s with the weird third person voice you use, and why “WC”?

WC thinks it is tedious to use the first person pronoun. And it is something different in an internet full of bland content. WC is, of course, Wickersham’s Conscience. There are very occasional guest blogs, who are free to use any voice they want. But 99.8% of content here is WC’s work.

Why do you write about so many different things?

See Magpie Principle.

What kind of computer do you use?

An aging iMac (27 inch, late 2013), with 16 GB of RAM and 9 TB of hard drives.

Were you the guy in the bike wreck on Hays Street last month? If so, how are you doing?

(The question is from one of the pedestrians who helped WC after his bicycle suffered a side wall blow out on the front wheel. The sidewall knocked the front brake out of alignment, jamming the front wheel and sending WC over the handlebars to meet the pavement at about 15 mph.) Yes, that was WC, and thank you again for your help. WC is pretty well healed up, although the ribs still twinge from time to time.

My dear friend, I am Mrs. Anoki Kashim, and my husband was murdered in North Sulawesi last year. There is Eleven Million and 00/100 US$ in a bank account in Jakarta, Indonesia, and I am humbling seeking your help . . .

You really need a new con. The advance fee scam has become a cliché, and in your case you were too lazy to even hide the fact you are in Lagos, Nigeria. Come on, dude, make an effort.

The email only gets more tedious from there. That’s a wrap. If you want to send WC a question, locating the email address on the blog is left to the reader as an exercise.

6 thoughts on “WC Answers Your Questions

  1. Hey snowflake, how come you’re afraid of a real man as president? WC your reply was more than adequate it was truthful. In my lifetime I have also shared the same childhood adventures as WC and I would like to offer a few observations and comments that I have regarding the current President. In my memory there has been two Presidents with the nickname of “Dick” being President “Richard Nixon” a/k/a “Tricky Dick” and the current President “Donald J Trump” a/k/a “Mushroom Dick”. Richard Nixon despite his failings was brilliant in comparison to Donald J Trump. WC’s comment that “if you think a serial liar, adulterer, bigot and conman is a “real man,” is understated as I can add by person knowledge a few more observations such as a failed business person whose businesses pray and litigate against all (friends & foe) that may have a different opinion of reality vs. illusion, honesty vs. dishonesty, truth vs. untruth, and many more things that I can’t mention here of which I have personal knowledge. Are are living through a time of witnessing the self destruction of both the Republican Party, wounding of the one great USA and ever drifting to the extreme left embracing socialism of the Democratic Party. The assault on legal immigration, against our neighbors in the Americas (America is not just the USA as it describes a “Continent”) and our foreign allies under the current administration has advanced to the point that the USA has few friends left as this administration has broken and/or injured the bonds of mutual trust with it’s version of “America First” assault (economic wars, trade wars, threatened military wars and wars of words against all other countries. When our sons, daughters, grandchildren are losing their life’s in needless wars, when the USA drifts into an economic recession, when the stock market collapses, when the USA left with few allies in the world to stand with them; then and only them at the end of this President’s term in office 2020 judge him for what he is and has been all through his life a failure in business, a bully against all (friends’foe) and all (and more) OF WC comments. The President will not be reelected by we need to focus upon his last two years in office to mitigate the damage he can so and thank god that we have a Democratic majority in Congress to push back and keep DJT from going over the edge. It’s a daily struggle for all within the Administration and outside the Administration regardless of Party affiliation to contain the damage he is doing daily to the once great USA and it’s future generations. We were all immigrants or decedents of immigrates (98% of US Citizens) and yes most of those residing in Alaska were accepted by the true Alaska Native population as immigrants. Immigration in Alaska in large part brought it to the point it is today where we live with our true brothers and sisters (Alaska Natives of all tribes and nationalities). Are Alaskan’s now going to build a wall around Alaska to prevent legal immigration ? The USA current mistreatment of legal asylum immigration and the detention of children separated from their parents is a disgrace of humanity. In Alaska we would accept a stray hungry dog, feed them and give them shelter then put them in our dog teams with the other sled dogs and human alike by sharing with those less fortunate. Birds, domestic and wild animals cross the borders each day with no VISA or legal authority yet we (USA) deny what represents only 5-8% of the mass movement (5 million or more) of displaced peoples leaving Venezuela, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador that are choosing live over death by gangs, starvation, joblessness, while the remaining 92-95% of the migration resettles in Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Panama, Costa Rica all in land called Latin America (yes part of the Americas) where people have heart, have compassion and share all. Immigration built the USA and now it’s threatened from within. Thank god you still have one Senator that is a centralist representing all of the Alaskans Sen. Lisa Murkowski who is not a rubber stamp for all things TRUMP

  2. A typo, I believe — you’ve certainly been blogging longer than “since late November, 2018.” I would guess 2008? Well before my time, anyway, since I only discovered you in early 2017. Cheers!

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