Bumpersticker Evidence

Idaho opinions, shown to the world

Idaho opinions, shown to the world

This pickup is a parked a few blocks from WC’s house. WC offers this photo as evidence that not every one is capable to critical, logical thinking. Even if their vote counts just as much as yours.

Note the two references to Infowars, Alex Jones’ completely discredited conspiracy-mongering website and podcast. Recall that Jones testified, under oath, that he simply made up much of his content.1 But apparently this voter trusts Alex Jones more than the “liberal media.” After all, the “liberal media” is yet another Alex Jones conspiracy theory.

This Idaho voter trumpets three of Jones’ favorite conspiracies: that the attack on September 11 was an “inside job,” that fluoride is intended to poison unsuspecting citizens and that the Federal Reserve System is somehow a criminal enterprise.

You can also tell that he a fervent supporter of Ron Paul. WC isn’t sure that Ron Paul would be all that pleased. Paul, a retired Texas Republican and latterly Libertarian congressman and multiply failed presidential candidate, has little patience for conspiracy theories or their advocates.

But it doesn’t have to logical. And this guy’s vote counts.


  1. At other points, he claimed it was “performance art,” that the Sandy Hook shootings had indeed happened and that he had a “form of psychosis.” Apparently, sworn testimony contradicting itself and everything Jones has said before doesn’t bother Jones any more than this pickup owner.