Poor, Poor Pitiful Me

Mike Dunleavy, Alaska's governor, Bog help us

Mike Dunleavy, Alaska’s governor, Bog help us

Poor, poor pitiful me
Poor, poor pitiful me
These boys won’t let me be
Lord have mercy on me
Woe is me

– Warren Zevon, “Poor Poor Pitiful Me,” via Linda Ronstadt

Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy complains we aren’t treating him fairly. So he gave an interview to the right wing Briebart News,1 where he said,

“So, we made the fatal error I guess of doing things for our people—the average American, the average Alaskan—and not kowtowing to the establishment and the special interests,” he continued. “So, I guess this is what you get when you fight on behalf of the average American and average Alaskan. I wouldn’t change a thing, and I think if you asked President Trump he wouldn’t change a thing. So, the fight’s on. They want to try and do a recall or redo the election, but we’re up to the task because we think we’re doing the right thing for Alaska just like the president does for the nation.

“Doing things for our people”? More accurately, “Doing things to our people.” Like wrecking state education, wrecking the University, wrecking the stte ferry system, wrecking housing for the elderly. It’s a long list. Notably, it’s a list of actions he promised he would not take during his gubernatorial campaign.

The amazingly successful recall effort was in response to his butcher knife vetoes of the state services he promised not to touch. It takes that kind of duplicity, that kind of political treachery, to allow voters to get almost 50,000 signatures on a recall petition in just a few weeks.

“I wouldn’t change a thing.” Excuse me? When the state legislature, in special session, undid almost all of your line item vetoes, despite your ffort to stop them, you signed off on most of the overturned items.

Let’s review: you said you wouldn’t do it, you did it, the voters threatened you with recall, you reversed your position, and now you claim you didn’t change a thing? Governor, you’ve flopped around like a gaffed halibut.

And now, faced with Alaska’s most successful recall effort, you’ve run to the right wing, trying to raise money from the Donna Arduin Fan Club to bail yourself out.

You reportedly told Breibart that the Alaskans who opposed your budget butchery are part of the “swamp.” Wrong, Governor. They are voters, they are citizens, they are folks who care about the State and, on the evidence, love it a lot more than you do.



  1. You can damage your brain following the link to Briebart. You’ve been warned.