R.I.P. Laurie DeWitt, 1952-2020

Laurie and John DeWitt, Hell's Canyon, Idaho, September 2016

Laurie and John DeWitt, Hell’s Canyon, Idaho, September 2016

WC lost his sister-in-law, his brother’s wife, Laurie DeWitt, yesterday. She was a sweet, smart, wonderful woman and the world is a poorer and darker with her gone. She fought a six year battle with lung cancer that had spread throughout her entire body before it was even discovered. Throughout that struggle, she showed unimaginable courage, strength and stamina. She spent a month in Australia earlier this year, determined not to let the disease control her life. She died at home, under hospice care, losing the battle we are all going to lose, but too soon, too soon, too soon.

Laurie in Fairbanks, enjoying a winter hot tub, December 2001

Laurie in Fairbanks, enjoying a winter hot tub, December 2001

She attended Lewis & Clark College in Oregon, where she met WC’s brother. They were married a couple of years later. After a few years in the Portland area, they moved to southern California, to San Diego and its suburbs.

Laurie and John riding the chair lift at Bogus Basin Ski Area, September 2016

Laurie was an account, a pianist, a world traveler, a parent, a grandparent, a wife and a charming delight.

Laurie and Son Mike, San Diego, California, February 2007

She rafted around icebergs in Antarctica, piloted boats down canals in England, walked the Outback in Australia and sampled wines in Italy, to mention just a few of her adventures.

Laurie (right) and her sister, Leslie, Tacoma, Washington, July 2002.

But most of all she was a loving wife to WC’s brother, his teammate and his fellow adventurer. She brightened the lives of all who knew her. She will be deeply missed.

R.I.P. Laurie, 1952-2020.

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  1. So truly sorry for your….your family’s loss. Sounds like she was an exceptional human being. Thank you for sharing the photos of her.


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