Oregon Coast Notebook: Headed Home

Strictly speaking, these photos aren’t from the Oregon Coast, but rather on the drive back from Crescent City, California to Boise, Idaho, WC’s adopted hometown. The drive back involved several birding stops: an overnight stop at Upper Klamath Lake National Wildlife Refuge, and a series of stops for May 8’s Global Birding Big Day across central and eastern Oregon.

Steller’s Jay Portrait, Rocky Point, Upper Klamath Lake NWR
First of Year Bullock’s Oriole, Rocky Point, Upper Klamath Lake NWR

A birding stop at Pine Mountain had was pretty much a bust. But a second stop at Chickahominy Reservoir Campground produced a surprising 192 Ruddy Ducks, too far away to photograph, alas, but a truly remarkable number. But the third stop, along Hotchkiss Lane, south of Burns, was even more impressive. We counted 33 species and a total of 916 individual birds, very likely undercounting several species badly.

White-faced Ibis, Hotchkiss Lane, Burns
American Avocet, Hotchkiss Lane, Burns
Black-necked Stilt, Hotchkiss Lane, Burns
Cinnamon Teal, Hotchkiss Lane, Burns
Brewer’s Blackbird Portrait, Hotchkiss Lane, Burns

The Oregon Coast trip wasn’t primarily about birding, but we did see 156 species of birds over all, and photographed two species for the first time (Hermit Warbler, Wrentit). WC will probably have one or two more blog posts arising out of this trip, but for now, it’s time to see what else is around this spring migration. And the occasional political post; stuff happened while WC was away.

Thanks for reading.