What Would Galileo Think?

In 1610, peering through his wretched, if state of the art, 8 to 10x handmade telescope, Galileo Galilei looked at Jupiter for the first time, and became the first human to see the Galileian moons. The inferences he drew from watching the motion of the four moons changed mankind’s place in the universe. And, of course, got him in big trouble with the Catholic Church.

Galileo’s “cannocchiali” telescopes at the Museo Galileo, Florence

WC has seen Galileo’s hand-crafted telescopes, on the display at the Galileo Museum in Firenze, Italy. The seeing, using Galielo’s instruments, as WC’s friend Mike Rice would say, isn’t very good.

Which takes WC to NASA’s recent post of a fly-by made the spacecraft Juno as it flew by the Galileian moon Ganymede and the mighty Jupiter itself. WC won’t object if you turn of Vangelis’s music; WC did. But watch the 3:30 minute clip.

Now, just for fun, imagine Galileo watching it.

One thought on “What Would Galileo Think?

  1. I would like to think he said “Mamma Mia! That’s a spicy meatball!”

    But I suspect he wouldn’t.

    But in my head he did. And that made me smile.


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