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When WC was visiting family in his old home town, Stockton, California, probably in 1959 or so, WC’s older cousins, Gary and Bob, were working as after-hours maintenance workers at the Micke Grove Zoo. Back then, what’s now the Lemur Island was the Monkey Island. As cousin Bob hosed off the walkways and emptied the trash cans, he warned WC, “Be careful. The monkeys will throw their shit at you if you get too near.”

At age nine years, the warning was an irresistible challenge. And cousin Bob was right. The monkeys did indeed pitch their poop at you. It was easy to dodge if you were alert, and they were able to produce only limited amounts of ammunition, as it were, but the experience obviously made an impression. Family lore has it that WC talked about little else for a week afterwards.

WC doesn’t have a Spotify account, but does like Neil Young and Joni Mitchell, who recently left Spotify rather than be on the same streaming service as the disgusting Joe Rogan. Principles matter, and the contrast between Young and Mitchell, on the one hand, and anti-vaxxer maskholes Eric Clapton and Van Morrison, on the other, couldn’t be sharper.1

And Joe Rogan? Every time WC hears that name he thinks of those shit-throwing monkeys at Micke Grove Zoo.

1 Eric Clapton’s position can be partially understood, if not justified, by his intense phobia of needles. An odd pathological fear for a former heroin addict, but he describes it in detail in his autobiography. Van Morrison’s position is completely indefensible. He knows about pandemics at a gut level. His wrenching, harrowing song, “TB Sheets,” is about his girlfriend dying of tuberculosis. You’d think another lung-destroying disease might resonate with Van. You’d be wrong.

3 thoughts on “One of Them Mettiefor Thingies

  1. The most egregiously horrific thing about this whole story is that Spotify is giving Joe Rogan $100M to license his existing 11 years of podcasts, and his podcasts going forward.*

    How many schools can be built for $100M? How many teacher’s salaries can be covered for $100M?

    At my present salary, as an educator of 40 years at a private school with exceptional compensation for its employees, I’d have to work for over 1,000 years to approach $100M in earnings.



  2. I’m slightly conflicted about listening to Spotify, but then, as much as I like him, I’ve never listened to Neil Young on that particular platform, and rarely (if ever) listen to any mega-wealthy artist that way. I mostly listen to the little-known artist that could really use the half-cent(?) or so they get from listening to one of their songs, whether or not I support them on bandcamp (which I try to do…one bandcamp purchase is worth hundreds or thousands of Spotify listens).


  3. Principles do matter and it needs to be said far more often. (Unfortunately, it also needs to be said that principles (like human rights etc) are not principles when applied only to one’s friends.) But you do the monkeys a disservice by lumping them in with the “maskholes” (which is a great little zinger, BTW.)


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