Some Good Things Come Out of Texas

Sure, any number of bad things seem to come out of Texas: Ted Cruz, Rick Perry, piss-poor utility planning, George Bush, Louie Gohmert, Alex Jones, pawn shop chain stores, oil spills; it’s a very, very long list, and WC doesn’t want to trigger anyone by attempting to set it all out. Least of all himself.

But good things come out of Texas, too: WC’s charming niece and her fiancé; Lyle Lovett; superb birding and . . . give WC a moment here . . . probably other stuff, too. On a visit to Texas a couple of months back, WC visited his niece and did a lot of birding, 249 species worth of birding, in fact. WC has already posted photos of the plovers, the vireos, the not-tanagers and the warblers.

Here are some of the other species we found over a week of birding in the Lone Star state, all of them along the Gulf of Mexico shorelines at the Bolivar (pronounced “buhl-ih-var,” because Texas) Peninsula. A few Terns, to start.

While we are visiting the Bolivar Peninsula, let’s have a look at a few Shorebirds, too.

Finally, selection of passerines, some drab, some stunning, from the Texas Hill Country, southwest of San Antonio.

It may seem that WC has posted hundreds of Texas bird species in recent weeks, but in fact the total posted to the blog is less than quarter of the species seen and photographed. But it’s probably enough. WC will move on from Texas and Texas birds.

But see? There are a few good things that come out of Texas.

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