Awful Human Beings: Ryan Cole, M.D.

Dr. Ryan Cole speaks at a “Defeat the Mandates” rally in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 23, 2022. “Let doctors be doctors, and let us treat patients and save their lives. Don’t shackle our hands. We will not comply with your silliness,” he said. (Screenshot from livestream video, via Idaho Capitol Sun)
Some humans ain't human, some people ain't kind
You open up their hearts, and here's what you'll find
A few frozen pizzas, some ice cubes with hair
A broken popsicle, you don't wanna go there

— John Prine, "Some Humans Ain't Human," Fair and Square, 2005

WC admits to an occasional fascination with some appallingly awful individuals, whose behavior is so ghastly, so far from the accepted norms, that you have to wonder what it was that created them. WC cannot understand them, but perhaps reporting them will serve as a useful warning to others.

Meet Ryan Cole, M.D. He’s a board-certified dermatopathologist, a guy who examines skin cells for a living. He has no credentials in epidemiology, or in vaccinology, virology or human immune response. But those deficits haven’t stopped Dr. Ryan from holding himself out as an expert in all those things, even where his opinions have no basis in science.

Some samples of Dr. Cole’s opinions on the vaccinations for COVID-19:

  • “If you have had COVID, do not get this shot, especially in the youth and especially if you’re under age 50,” he said on a conservative podcast in June 2021.
  • Cole described COVID-19 vaccines as “something for which the side effect would be death and/or permanent disability,” in a September 2021 interview on another conservative podcast. The host asked Cole, “You are suggesting most people do not get the vaccines, correct?” and he responded, “Very few. Very targeted. Elderly, at risk.”
  • Cole has advised the public multiple times to “screen before vaccine” — to take antibody tests before getting a COVID-19 vaccine. “If you have antibodies, if you have immunity, you don’t get that shot because you put yourself at higher risk for hospitalization and complications,” he said at an October 2021 event in Alaska. Dr. Cole owns and operates a testing lab which offers, among other services, antibody testing. So his “screen before vaccine” is self-serving, as well as being bad science.
  • At a similar event in November 2021, Cole said, “Don’t vax the kids with this vax” and “if you’re COVID-recovered, don’t get this vax.”
  • He advocates for suing doctors over COVID-19 vaccines and calls for “Nuremberg trials” — a reference to trials of Nazi war criminals — against those involved in vaccination efforts.
  • He claims COVID-19 vaccines killed 1,200 people in a single month. In an interview with the Idaho Capitol Sun last year, Cole admitted he hadn’t read the reports that are aggregated by the data source he references
  • One of the most troubling aspects of Dr. Cole’s actions and claims is his assertion in the absence of scientific evidence that COVID vaccines cause cancer. “I’ve seen a 20 times increase of endometrial cancers over what I see on an annual basis — a 20 times increase, not exaggerating at all,” he has claimed several times. Tellingly, Dr. Cole has twice mis-diagnosed cancer in patients who did not have the disease. It’s an area in which he has little medical expertise, but it led to medically unnecessary treatments. The State of Washington is considering suspending his license for his apparent willingness to see cancer where it doesn’t exist.

But Dr. Cole’s opinions don’t begin and end with COVID. No, he’s an expert on monkeypox and vaccines for monkeypox, too. Isn’t it amazing how some physicians have to study a virus for decades to become an expert on that virus, the symptoms and disease it creates and immunizations against that virus, but Dr. Cole can be an expert in a matter of days? Here’s what Dr. Cole is saying about monkeypox:

  • He suggested that a 2021 simulation of a monkeypox outbreak made the current health emergency suspicious. He said public health authorities are “going forward, just trying to scare people again.” That planing for a possible pandemic was “suspicious.”
  • Cole said in June he would not take a monkeypox vaccine, nor would he recommend it. He suggested herbal remedies and an anti-parasitic drug for the disease.
  • He sees a conspiracy to enrich vaccine manufacturers: “I mean, our government just spent $190 million on several million doses of monkeypox vaccine,” he said. “It’s fascinating. There are around 180 cases in about 11 or 12 countries right now, total. And yet, the media is fear mongering over it.” (The CDC report there are now nearly 9,500 cases in the U.S. and more than 31,000 confirmed worldwide in 89 countries. There are eight confirmed monkeypox cases in Idaho as of Aug. 9.)
  • The “K” in “monkeypox” is silent.

Dr. Cole has travelled internationally, as well as across the U.S., spreading his disinformation and misinformation. He enjoys a large presence on social media as well. His claims that COVID vaccines are frighteningly dangerous is a lie, and Dr. Cole knows it is a lie. His implicit claim that monkeypox isn’t dangerous, or can be treated with herbal remedies, is dangerous nonsense.

The State of Washington’s proceedings to revoke Cole’s medial license are a start. And Dr. Cole’s attorney’s attempts to defend Dr. Cole’s quackery are embarrassingly bad. It’s shameful that the State of Idaho hasn’t acted, even though the Idaho Medical Association has urged them to do so. In the meantime, Dr. Cole is making money and gaining notoriety, clouding what should be a crystal-clear medical situation.

All of which puts him on WC’s Awful Human Beings list.

Audrey Dutton at the Idaho Capitol Sun has done some very fine reporting on Dr. Ryan Cole. WC commends and recommends her work.

7 thoughts on “Awful Human Beings: Ryan Cole, M.D.

  1. The fact that this individual was appointed to our Central District Health Board still astounds me. My house cat is as reliable a source for medical advice as Ryan Coles. His nomination to the CDH board by the two majority Ada County Republican Commissioners, has rendered this body to be a worthless waste of taxpayer’s money. It was bad enough that they had foisted former Idaho Congressman Raul Labrador onto the board. He was the Idaho GOP Chair at that time. It gave him increased visibility in his run for the Idaho Attorney General nomination in the Primary election, held last May. As an immigration attorney he had no specialized skills to add to the makeup of the CDH Board. Residents need to be vigilant to see that no more medical “experts” of this caliber are allowed into positions of authority over public health decisions. Science is not malleable. It requires people that can interpret complex concepts & make decisions about public health policy that are based on scientific methodology-not on conservative ideology.


  2. There is a glimmer of hope here. Professional, largely self-governing, professional groups still understand the importance of reason, facts, evidence, considering what others have to say about things, is important to their own profession’s credibility. And to the continued public support of people who have gone through medical or law school.

    Dr. Cole is not helping other doctors, which is why they are asking for action to be taken to suspend or revoke his license. The same goes for attorneys. It appears that both WC and I are/were members of the Alaska Bar Association. We understand that just allowing anyone to give legal advice to people, without knowing what the law is, or how their specific issues can best be addressed from a legal perspective, is not something we want just anyone being allowed to do. Or to maintain that they know better than lawyers. Reduces the credibility of our profession. (Lawyer jokes go here–we get it. But you really do learn some things from three years of legal training–and then some years of “practice.”)

    Where would we be if we did away with professional training for doctors and lawyers? Afghanistan? Comparisons can be made to many other countries, all over the world, and protecting professionally trained doctors and lawyers seems worthwhile.

    Dr. Cole and others of his ilk are simply borrowing from our religious friends’ playbook. Be offended if people question preachers/ministers/priests. And demand that you receive a tax-free vocation paid for by others.

    Why did our parents/grandparents/public school teachers not know that President John Adams, a contemporary of Thomas Paine, wrote that “History is to ascribe the American Revolution to Thomas Paine”? Why did they not know that Thomas Paine was the first person to write these words “the United States of America”? Why did they not know that Thomas Paine, through his 1776 “Common Sense” pamphlet, and through his “Crisis Papers” (these are the times that try men’s souls) provided not only the name of our country, but “every thought that now glitters in our Declaration of Independence? Why did they not know that Thomas Paine’s writings “proposed the present federal Constitution” in the same writings?

    This is why this information has been kept from Americans: our religious friends cannot accept personal liberties and the freedom to think for oneself. They cannot accept, or protect, our freedom from religion. Most importantly, they cannot accept people pointing out the many errors of their doctrines and dogmas. But this is exactly what our founding documents do. Freedom of speech, no cruel or unusual punishment. Our colonists had protected their flavors of Christianity with particularly cruel punishments. Boring tongues with hot irons, flogging, and death for suggesting something was inaccurate in the bible.

    These were the facts well known to those involved with preparing our Declaration of Independence from throne and alter. And the facts known to those involved with preparing our god free “We the People” Constitution, and our Bill of Rights, the first Ten Amendments. Which are basically the opposite of the Ten Commandments–of which there are several versions, so which Ten are the real ones–maybe none of them is the accurate answer.

    I will wrap up with a quote from patriot Thomas Paine from his 1794 book entitled “The Age of Reason” and have you consider why it was kept from you at high school, college and law school:

    “All national institutions of churches, whether Jewish, Christian, or Turkish, appear to me no other than human inventions set up to terrify and enslave mankind, and monopolize power and profit.”

    Once Thomas Paine expressed his honest thoughts about religion, his reputation was falsely slandered. The public was not permitted to learn about Paine’s contributions to our revolution, our historical documents, and his contributions to every American’s liberties.

    There are efforts to create an appropriate monument to Thomas Paine in Washington, D. C. Feel free to spend $10-15 and order a copy of Barnes and Noble’s “Common Sense and Other Wrings Thomas Paine”. It contains all of the info in this email, with the exception of attorney Robert Ingersoll’s research and speeches on Thomas Paine and his contributions to our liberties. A short and sweet, well written, pamphlet entitled “The Great Infidels” by attorney Ingersoll is available for $7 from the American Atheist Press. Buy a couple copies for gifts. Paine is covered on pages 59-65. Just six pages. Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson are in the “Our Infidels” speech, pages 57-58 of the pamphlet.

    Because I comment infrequently, one other matter dealing with reason, evidence and protecting our freedoms and liberties. Has anyone watched “The Social Dilemma” documentary? Not entertainment. Very important info from technicians and executives working to develop Google/Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest. Saying things that are contrary to their former employers interests. Which gives them additional credibility.

    They note that they intentionally manipulate people’s minds. They give people a dose of dopamine with audible notices. They give intermittent rewards like casino slots. They addict users. They are intentionally implanting UNCONSCIOUS thought patterns in social media users’ minds. So when one person directs them to attack police/our Capital Building, elected representatives and their staffs/the FBI, our Department of Justice, and our courts, because of what their software did: users are unable to understand the need to fact check.

    The same is true re Dr. Cole’s pitch, WC’s topic here. Facebook/twitter users are unable to distinguish fact from fiction. And it is not just fun and games. Many people whose lives would have been saved by following public health officials’ recommendations were unable to do so. So, they are dead. Or, maybe have residual health matters which we all get to pay for.

    The documentary is very current because it does discuss Covid-19 and Jan. 6, 2021. Unfortunately, this documentary is only available on Netflix. So many people believe it is “entertainment” or otherwise not worth their time. Only 90 minutes long.

    Beat your elected reps to this data. It is so highly relevant to what has and is happening all over the country. And I can share my personal experience with people running for governor and our legislature in Alaska. Even when it comes from a fellow Alaska Bar member and from a friend/acquaintance, these folks say it seems like something they should spend 90 minutes on.

    But, they are “too busy” with other things to set that 90-120 minutes aside. So they say they will watch–sometime later. And who knows if they will watch it. Even though it could help them win or lose in current or future elections. Implanted UNCONSCIOUS thought patterns help to explain some of this.

    Please watch this 90 minute documentary. Among many other things, explains why is a good place to do fact-checking online. Explains why these people do not let their children use social media. And why they don’t either. Then perhaps share with friends and family dealing with children using social media.

    Hey WC, how about an asterisk and referral to this documentary when you give people the option to use FB/Twitter? You will understand after you watch the documentary. Explains why I don’t use social media. If you did not allow the WordPress option I would not be commenting. So that is how you can get rid of “trouble maker” comments like this–force people to use FB/Twitter.

    Interesting too to note many politicians force the public to sign up for a private company’s data, and online use tracking, viral marketing software just to communicate. As noted in the documentary, social media is not the place to go for accurate information about issues of public policy. Apparently, Google’s search for “what is climate change” will produce very different answers depending on where one is. Texans, Alaskans get different answers/info feeds to that search query than say, Washington, Oregon, or California based users.

    Best wishes to all. Especially those interested in learning, evidence, other viewpoints, and reason. “Tthe most formidable weapon against errors of any kind is reason.” Thomas Paine


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