Nominees for WC’s 2022 Hypocrite of the Year

Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R, California), Wickersham’s Conscience 2021 Hypocrite of the Year

As 2022 mercifully grinds and lurches towards an end – at least a chronological end – we’re approaching the time for WC’s annual Hypocrite of the Year Award. The recipient is selected by WC’s readers from among an impressive list of egregiously hypocritical political leaders.

Past winners of this dubious honor have included The Dirty 13Captain Zero, Moscow Mitch McConnell, Lindsay “No Shame” Graham, Rep. Scott DesJarlais and Rep. Kevin McCarthy, to name just a few. All worthy of the award, WC thinks you will agree. Each received a fancy certificate by U.S. Mail, although WC notes none have thus far acknowledged the honor.

Nominees for 2022 so far include U.S. Senator Ron Johnson (R, Wisconsin), U.S. Senator Josh Hawley (R, Missouri) and U.S. Senator Jim Risch (R, Idaho). A worthy bunch of humbugs, indeed. But there are plenty of other potential candidates. WC invites you to submit your candidate for Hypocrite of the Year. Do so in a comment to this blog post, and include the reason(s) why your candidate should be on the ballot. Your nominee just may make it to the poll.

There are some rules:

  1. Donald Trump is disqualified by reason of extreme obviousness.
  2. Past winners are ineligible, even if they have plumbed new depths of hypocrisy.
  3. Only true hypocrites are eligible; mere stupidity, inanity or mental illness are insufficient.
  4. Among suggested nominees, slight preference will be given to women and persons of color because equal opportunity.
  5. WC will select from among readers’ nominees to keep the ballot manageable.

So here’s your chance to participate (again) in a very nearly democratic process. Your supplemental nominees may be submitted until December 8, 2022. So comment in your candidates. There is no need to be kind. It would be wasted on a proper nominee anyway.

Gentle readers, the floor is now open for nominations.

5 thoughts on “Nominees for WC’s 2022 Hypocrite of the Year

  1. I see the list does not include a female nominee … US Rep. Loren Boebert ( R Colorado) and US Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green (R Georgia) at first immediately came to mind but Boebert and Green probably to not qualify since they are more “consistent” in their actions and statements, pretty much un apologetic and as you pointed out recently Green is pretty clueless.

    Besides I can not think of a better candidate than US Senator Jim Risch (R Idaho) with his no votes in the Senate on the CHIPS and Science Act followed by his taking credit for “bringing home the bacon” with that act at the Micron Ground breaking for the new fab as a stand out example of his hypocrisy.

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  2. Hi Jim,  Has Kanye West been nominated before?  His posting of a swastika on Twitter made me cringe and guffaw. I think if he, being a man of colour, had been in the pathway, might have also been seen as less than ideal to the nazi regime.  So many cringeworthy people

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  3. I’d suggest the entire GOP, because how do you quantify hypocrisy among such a competitive field. But if I must pick an individual, I’ll toss a coin between former Democrat Kari Lake and alleged Democrat Krysten Sinema.


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