Book Review: The Broken Earth Trilogy

“Well, some worlds are built on a fault line of pain, held up by nightmares. Don’t lament when those worlds fall. Rage that they were built doomed in the first place.” N. K. Jemisin’s The Broken Earth trilogy is simply the best fantasy series WC has read in the last 25 years. It’s better than the…

Doonesbury, April 21, 1973

Guilt! Gulty! Guilty! Post-Post-Irony

Back in 1973, as Watergate was just starting to break, Garry Trudeau, in his three-year old comic strip Doonesbury, weighed in: In those early times, the strip was pretty controversial, and a number of newspapers, including the Washington Post, refused to run the comic.1 Never mind that Trudeau was mocking the left for pre-judging Mitchell.2 Mitchell was…

Red Fox, McCall, Idaho


Reynard is to Northern European folktales as Raven is to Alaska. Trickster, joker and deceiver. The stories reached English in watered-down form, like the Grimm Brothers Fox stories. Here’s a Reyanrd the Fox1 story from WC’s ancestral stomping grounds, Holland, that gives you a flavor of Reynard as the stories were told about him in…

A Librarian’s Yard Decoration

One of WC’s neighbors has this signpost in his front yard. Yes, he is a librarian. What a terrific summer reading list. Identification of the various destinations is left as an exercise to the reader. All of the books referenced – well, maybe not the Rick Riordan novels – are worth your time.