Coping with the stress of the holidays: hang in there

Hang in There

Lots of folks find the holiday season stressful. Being polite to folks you may not like. Dealing with family members who you wish weren’t related to you. Finding presents for people who have everything, or who refuse to to tell you what they want. Avoiding putting putting back on all that weight you managed to…

On the right, Ginny at 90 pounds in March 2015; on the left, Ginny today

May WC Ask a Personal Favor? Third Update

Back in March of 2015, WC described the failing health of Mrs. WC’s niece, Ginny Patton. Ginny has gastroparesis. Her weight had fallen to just 90 pounds. The situation was grim. WC asked if you would contribute to a fundraising campaign for her to meet the medical expenses. Your generosity, the support of Ginny’s family, and…


The Legend of Zelda: Wonderful Quilting

Mrs. WC’s mother, Zelda, now 90-years old, is a wholly remarkable woman. Among many other things, she was for some 45-50 years a serious, gifted quilter. And, at age 90, she recently gave a quilt show at the assisted living facility where she lives. WC was lucky enough to be able to attend. Understand all…


20th Anniversary

On a personal note, yesterday was WC’s and Mrs. WC’s 20th wedding anniversary. We celebrated by dressing up just a bit. As you can see. Mrs. WC looks as terrific today in her wedding dress as she did in 1995. Hey Sweetie, thanks for saying yes.

The worst kind of rumor, a true one

WC ‘Fesses Up

WC has lived in Alaska for more than sixty years. Since the fall of 1954, in fact. That’s a very long time. But there won’t be a 61st year. WC is moving. Leaving Alaska. There’s a whole lot of reasons. Here are a few of them: As a bird photographer, WC just needs two things…