Well and Good

WC Is Off Chasing Birds

WC is off chasing birds. Blog posts may be a little irregular or even absent for a bit, because WC will be avoiding the internet in a belated effort to preserve his sanity. If the effort turns up anything interesting, and WC has access to the Web, there may be posts from time to time.…

James Wickersham, 1916

Changes Coming to Wickersham’s Conscience

There will be some changes coming to Wickersham’s Conscience over the next few weeks and months. What happened is that WC’s free WordPress plan ran out of storage space. Yes, WC has been writing this blog since November 2008 using WordPress’s free plan. Well, it was “free” to WC but WordPress makes money on the…

Warning: You Are Entering Your Eighth Decade

Yes, It’s True

About all you can say is that it is better than the alternative. If I knew I was going to live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself. – Mickey Mantle NB: You want the sign to the right; not the one on the left. Not yet, anyway.

Brown Creeper, Boise, Idaho


As WC writes this, it is snowing lightly outside. A Brown Creeper is working the spruce tree trunk just outside the window. Mountain Chickadees, Red-breasted Nuthatches and Lesser Goldfinches are working the bird feeders, bringing flashes of color to a monochrome winter landscape. It all serves to remind WC that there is much to be…

XKCD - "Duty Calls"

The Perils of Philosophy

From time to time, WC will get in a debate with some faceless person over the internet. It usually starts when the other person makes a foolish or outlandish statement. If WC is sufficiently dyspeptic at the moment, WC will take the fool to task. This happened recently. A climate change denier annoyed WC enough…

Well and Good

WC Is Chasing Birds

WC is off chasing birds. Again. Still. Posts may be irregular the rest of the week, depending on the vagaries of internet access and how tired WC is at the end of the day.

WC Answers Your Questions

WC’s virtual mailbox is overflowing; there have been complaints from the email host. So WC will undertake to answer a few questions and delete lots and lots of emails. Questions are in italics; WC’s responses in plain text. Hey snowflake, how come you’re afraid of a real man as president? WC lived in Alaska for…

Yellow-billed Magpie, Pinnacles National Park, California

The Magpie Principle Explained

WC has apparently confused folks by describing his approach to this blog as the embodiment of the Magpie Principle. While we live in confusing times, WC doesn’t want to unnecessarily contribute to that confusion. So let’s see if WC can explain his reference. (WC has used the term – sometimes as “magpie sensibility” – to…

Wilson's Snipe. The perch is some kind of rubber bag, not a rock.

It Was a Snipe Hunt

WC was unable to completely escape the smoke of wildfires. The effort was basically a snipe hunt. But the smoke – and the start of the school year – combined to give WC and Mrs. WC one of their few times in Idaho when they had an entire camping area to themselves. Regular blog posts…