Sessions' Swiss Cheese Memory

Jeff Sessions’ Swiss Cheese Memory

A Swiss Cheese Memory describes a witness whose recollection of critical facts is full of holes and smells a little funny. Trial lawyers use the phrase to describe a witness who is lying. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the chief law enforcement lawyer for the United States, has a Swiss Cheese Memory problem. Sessions appeared in…

The minds of Alabama Republican voters, in one easy metaphor


Okay, it’s actually a semi-abandoned building in Silver City, Idaho. But the locked tight door, the badly wired, burnt out light and the obvious age works as a decent metaphor. WC challenges the Alabama GOP to prove him wrong.

Annual US vehicle miles traveled (blue, in tens of billions) and traffic fatalities per billion miles traveled (red) from 1921 to 2015

Regulation and Safety: A Case Study

Our fellow citizens, in their blind zeal to protect their Second Amendment rights, reject any regulation of firearms, however slight. The result has been carnage. WC doubts you need a recitation of recent mass shootings.1 What’s curious, though, is that we accept the 30 thousand plus firearm deaths each year even though they arise from…