The international Vote Is In (Not a Scientific Poll) (Photographer Unknown)

Appropriately Disgusting

WC reader LM sent in this photo. As a clever means of encouraging the citizens of Edinburgh, Scotland to put their cigarette butts in the trash, it’s impressive. As a polling methodology on America’s president, it’s appropriately disgusting. Smoking killed WC’s father and crippled WC’s mother. WC is furiously opposed to smoking. And regards the…

By the Narrowest Margins, It's Pete Kelly

D.A.F.P. Award: We Have a Winner!

The inaugural Dumb As a Fence Post Award involved a wholly unscientific process, to keep it consistent with the Republican Party’s rejection of logic and science. Readers were invited to submit nominations of egregiously stupid actions and individuals. WC sorted through the nominations to choose the Stupider. The Stupider were put in a poll and…

Don't Be Stupid

D.A.F.P. Award – Last Day to Vote

Just a reminder that this is the last day to vote on the Inaugural Dumb As a Fence Post Award. The polls close tonight sometimes after 9 PM. Don’t let the stupid go unrecognized. Exercise your franchise.

T.J. Kirkpatrick/Getty Images

DAFP Award: The Polls Are Open

The nominations are closed. WordPresses obscure polling tools are deciphered. It’s time to vote. This isn’t Chicago; one vote per reader please. Even if it is laughably easy to hack Polldaddy. Polls will be open until April 5, 2014. The winner will be sent a certificate from Wickersham’s Conscience, suitable for framing. Thanks to the…

Another Nominee

The D.A.F.P. Nominees: Time Coming to Vote

For the last month or more, WC has been soliciting nominees for an inaugural Dumb As a Fence Post Award. WC will summarize here the nominees to date and wait one more week before polling readers for the winner of the inaugural DAFP Award. From Bill Markins, we have Rep. Lance Pruitt (R, Redistricting). The case for giving…

Not Appearing on Your Ballot

Hypocrite of the Year – Cast Your Vote

Sure, there’s still most of a month for more hypocrites to appear. But any especially despicable candidates arising in December will appear on next year’s ballot. Hold your nose, skim the candidates and pick the worst. However tempting it might be, you can only vote for one. However much you might like to, this isn’t…