Just Words

The second “Just Words” page is things WC has photographed with “Purple” in their names.

Velvet-purple Coronet, Ecuador
Purple Heron, Thailand
Purple-collared Woodstar, Peru
Purple Gallinule, Texas
Purple Honeycreeper, Trinidad
Purple Martin, Texas
Purple-throated Fruitcrow, Ecuador
Purple-throated Sunangel
Purple-throated Mountain-Gem
Purple Finch, California
Purple-bibbed Whitecap, Ecuador
Purple-throated Woodstar, Ecuador
Purple Gentian Blossom, Alaska
Purple Alpenglow on Denali, Alaska

The first “Just Words” page is of things WC has photographed with “Painted” in their names.

Painted Bunting Male, Texas Hill Country, 2022
Painted Stork, Thailand, 2022 (photobombed by a Great Egret)
Painted Redstart (Whitestart) Male, High Island, Texas 2022
Painted Lady Butterfly, Oahu, Hawaiian Islands, 2020
Western Painted Turtles, Boise, Idaho 2022
Painted Hills, John Day Fossil Beds, Oregon 2018

There are at least 18 species of birds alone with “Painted” in their names, so WC has a ways to go yet.