We hate palm oil! It is bad for animals especially orangutans. People cut down trees where orangutans live No!

A Glimmer of Hope

This sign is stapled to a tree on N. 20th Street in Boise, Idaho. It gives WC hope. For more on why palm oil plantations are bad, check out this report from the Orangutan Foundation. Advertisements

Open Pit Mine (upper right) and Tailings Storage Pond (lower left), Sonora Mexico (from 35,000 feet)

The Lessons from Cloud Peak

As WC noted yesterday, Cloud Peak Energy has filed Chapter11. The promises, actual and implied, Cloud Peak made in its mining plan and environmental impact statements are in very serious jeopardy, because the continued existence of Cloud Peak itself is doubtful. What are the lessons to be drawn from all this? First, and most obviously,…

Cloud Peak's Gillette-based Cordero Rojo mine. Photo Credit: Cloud Peak Energy

Another One Bites the Dust

Cloud Peak Energy used to be the nation’s third largest coal producer. Last year it slipped to fourth place. This year it quietly slipped in to Chapter 11. How’s that coal thing working for you, Donnie? Cloud Peak had nearly no cash, was hundreds of millions of dollars in debt and sold less coal in…

© 2019 George Danby, staff editorial cartoonist for the Bangor Daily News.

Who Is Wheeler Working For, Anyway?

Andrew Wheeler was confirmed as Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency earlier this year, succeeding Scott Pruitt as Worst Trump Appointment Ever. Wheeler, most recently a flack for the coal industry, the former vice president of a coal industry federation, and a former staffer to U.S. Senate dinosaur James Inhofe, was confirmed by the Senate…

(Yuri Gripas/Reuters) Former energy lobbyist David Bernhardt is sworn in before a Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearing on his nomination of to be Interior secretary, on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., March 28, 2019.

Meet the Next Ryan Zinke

Ryan Zinke, of course, was Trump’s ethically-challenged Secretary of the Interior, who resigned under pressure as the ethics investigations mounted. Not before working grievous harm to the lands, airs and waters he had sworn to protect, of course. Trump’s nominee to succeed Zinke is David Bernhardt, a career lobbyist for Big Agriculture. Bernhardt was a…

Izembek National Wildlife Refuge Uplands (photographer unknown)

A Couple of Wins for the Good Guys

Good news for Alaska conservationists has been scarce the last two years. Too many old fights have come back. So when on a single day, Friday, March 29, 2019, there are two different wins, well, it’s worth a blog post. The first win came for Izembek National Wildlife Refuge. Disgraced former Secretary of the Interior…

Travis Schumm/ Courtesy The Platte River is set on fire following train derailment.

Why Coal Should Stay in the Ground

Coal is the world’s dirtiest fuel. There are at least four strikes against coal as an energy fuel: It’s messy and damaging to the environment to mine. Whether it is the mountain-destroying techniques in West Virginia, or the strip-mining in Wyoming, coal mining causes great hard to the environment. By definition, the mine site is…