Jackson and His Frisbee

Tales from Wasilla: Justice for Flash

WC wonders how it is that the death of a golden retriever seems to inspire more more notoriety and outrage than the death of three young men. Flash was a 12-year old golden retriever. He was dognapped when the van he was riding in was stolen. Flash died a miserable death; he is believed to…


Yep. It’s True.

Yes, it’s true.1 A little beat up, but considering some pretty hard use, not bad. Many systems are still largely functional. Much better than the alternative. WC will celebrate with a nice supper. There will be a real blog post tomorrow.   Mrs. WC gave WC a new camp stove. ↩

Bushy-tailed Woodrat, Neotoma cinerea

WC Is Unpacking

Literally unpacking. The movers arrived today and WC’s new home is a chaos of cardboard boxes, packing paper and stuff. Maybe a real blog post tomorrow, in between times with boxes. In the meantime, here’s a very nearly appropriate photo. The Woodrat is more commonly known as the Packrat.  

The Chicago Picasso, Daley Plaza, Chicago, Illinois

A Heroic Monument to Some Dead Dodo

The late Chicago 47th Ward Alderman John Hoellen particularly disliked Pablo Picasso’s sculpture at then-Civic Center Plaza in downtown Chicago. In a resolution introduced at a Chicago City Council meeting July 7, 1967, Hoellen called for the statue to be “deported,” preferably to Paris, France, and called the sculpture (according to a Tribune article): … a heroic monument to some…