The James G. Blaine Society

Memory is a tricky thing. As you get older, you become increasingly suspicious of your recollections. But in the video tape recorder in WC’s mind, the last news item on CBS one night in 1970 or 1971 went something like this: Scene: Reporter and Interviewee huddled under umbrellas in furious rain storm, standing ankle-deep in…

Jackson and His Frisbee

Tales from Wasilla: Justice for Flash

WC wonders how it is that the death of a golden retriever seems to inspire more more notoriety and outrage than the death of three young men. Flash was a 12-year old golden retriever. He was dognapped when the van he was riding in was stolen. Flash died a miserable death; he is believed to…

Yep. It’s True.

Yes, it’s true.1 A little beat up, but considering some pretty hard use, not bad. Many systems are still largely functional. Much better than the alternative. WC will celebrate with a nice supper. There will be a real blog post tomorrow.   Mrs. WC gave WC a new camp stove. ↩

Bushy-tailed Woodrat, Neotoma cinerea

WC Is Unpacking

Literally unpacking. The movers arrived today and WC’s new home is a chaos of cardboard boxes, packing paper and stuff. Maybe a real blog post tomorrow, in between times with boxes. In the meantime, here’s a very nearly appropriate photo. The Woodrat is more commonly known as the Packrat.