Bushy-tailed Woodrat, Neotoma cinerea

WC Is Unpacking

Literally unpacking. The movers arrived today and WC’s new home is a chaos of cardboard boxes, packing paper and stuff. Maybe a real blog post tomorrow, in between times with boxes. In the meantime, here’s a very nearly appropriate photo. The Woodrat is more commonly known as the Packrat.  

The Chicago Picasso, Daley Plaza, Chicago, Illinois

A Heroic Monument to Some Dead Dodo

The late Chicago 47th Ward Alderman John Hoellen particularly disliked Pablo Picasso’s sculpture at then-Civic Center Plaza in downtown Chicago. In a resolution introduced at a Chicago City Council meeting July 7, 1967, Hoellen called for the statue to be “deported,” preferably to Paris, France, and called the sculpture (according to a Tribune article): … a heroic monument to some…

State of the Art Equipment

Internet Service in Interior Alaska: A Visual Guide

Out here in the hinterlands of suburban Fairbanks, at the World Headquarters of Wickersham’s Conscience, we’ve received complaints about the low JPEG quality of photos, brevity of some postings and failure to include video on Wickersham’s Conscience. It’s easily explained. While WC lives in a very nice neighborhood, the area isn’t served by GCI cable. WC isn’t served…


Happy New Year, Everyone

We can’t see fireworks in Fairbanks on the 4th of July, so our pyrotechnics tend to be on the Winter Solstice and New Year’s Eve. WC’s wonderful, blind Border Collie, Jackson, is terrified of firework explosions, so it’s a tough time of year for him. WC has borrowed The Oatmeal’s excellent cartoon to share with you…


WC Answers Your Questions

A couple of long-time readers here at Wickersham’s Conscience have noted that it has been a long time since WC made any effort to answer readers’ questions. Partly, that’s because WC’s loyal readers haven’t been asking many questions lately. Partly it’s because WC is lazy. And partly it’s because of WC’s magpie sensibility. But WC…