A Brief Update on the M/V Polar Star – 21 Aug 2012

WC gets a stunning amount of email from all over the world asking for an update on the fate of the M/V Polar Star. Long-time readers may remember WC traveled to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula on the ship. The next season, she ran aground on an uncharted rock, went to the Canary Islands for repairs and ended up taking her owners into bankruptcy. The bankruptcy trustee abandoned the ship, meaning that it would be a matter for the Spanish courts to resolve. There were strong suggestions she had suffered neglect while at the shipyard.

It is very difficult to obtain current, accurate information. But WC has tracked down at least a hint of the current situation: nothing has changed. According to a blog post by Tim Abramoff, who works for Mercy Ships, he was at Astican Yards in the Canary Islands in July 2012. He photographed the M/V Polar Star, still up on blocks. There are obvious signs of wear and corrosion.

So there’s good news and bad news. The good news is, the ship isn’t scrap. The bad news is, she’s still on blocks, looking a bit the worse for wear.