Kerry Masterson (3rd from left) with her defense team, October 2017

Finally: Kerry Masterson Acquitted

You’ve never heard of Kerry Masterson. She was convicted in 2011 of the 2009 murder of a Chicago convenience store owner. The primary evidence against her was the testimony of eyewitnesses, two of whom plead guilty, implicating Masterson to mitigate their own sentences. She was absolutely innocent. Witnesses reported seeing a skinny Hispanic male fleeing…

The minds of Alabama Republican voters, in one easy metaphor


Okay, it’s actually a semi-abandoned building in Silver City, Idaho. But the locked tight door, the badly wired, burnt out light and the obvious age works as a decent metaphor. WC challenges the Alabama GOP to prove him wrong.

The international Vote Is In (Not a Scientific Poll) (Photographer Unknown)

Appropriately Disgusting

WC reader LM sent in this photo. As a clever means of encouraging the citizens of Edinburgh, Scotland to put their cigarette butts in the trash, it’s impressive. As a polling methodology on America’s president, it’s appropriately disgusting. Smoking killed WC’s father and crippled WC’s mother. WC is furiously opposed to smoking. And regards the…