Hawk Launch

Hawk diversity was a little thin on WC’s recent trip to southeast Arizona. But there were a lot of Red-tailed Hawks. Here’s a three second sequence of a Red-tailed launching after prey. The three photos represent 1.9 seconds of elapsed time. This hawk is a big bird, but he gets under way very quickly. It…

Yellow-eyed Junco, Florida Wash, Southeast Arizona

No, Really, Chasing Birds

The Yellow-eyed Junco is a Southeastern Arizona specialty, not commonly found anywhere else in the United States. It’s pretty easy to pick it out among its Dark-eyed cousins. They are common throughout mountainous regions of,Mexico, under the arc but and rules of birding, species seen in Mexico don’t “count” as North American species. Another Southeastern…


Four Views of a Capuchin

White-faced Capuchin are a New World monkey, a member of the family Cebidae, they are fairly common through Central America and South America. This animal was photographed in Amazonian Peru. Highly intelligent, tool-using and long-lived, it has a long prehensile tail, usually carried coiled. Here are four views of a Capuchin.