Sessions' Swiss Cheese Memory

Jeff Sessions’ Swiss Cheese Memory

A Swiss Cheese Memory describes a witness whose recollection of critical facts is full of holes and smells a little funny. Trial lawyers use the phrase to describe a witness who is lying. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the chief law enforcement lawyer for the United States, has a Swiss Cheese Memory problem. Sessions appeared in…

The minds of Alabama Republican voters, in one easy metaphor


Okay, it’s actually a semi-abandoned building in Silver City, Idaho. But the locked tight door, the badly wired, burnt out light and the obvious age works as a decent metaphor. WC challenges the Alabama GOP to prove him wrong.

David Kautter, IRS Commissioner

When the Crooks Enforce the Law

The United States has a new Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service. His name is David Kautter. When the international accounting firm Ernst & Young was running an illegal tax dodge scam, Kautter was one of the directors of Ernst & Young. When Ernst & Young tried to cover up its crimes, Kautter was still a director of Ernst…