Meet the Pigtails

Adult Male Pig-tailed Macaque, “Pop Pigtail,” strutting his stuff

Pig-tailed Macaques, that is. This is the dominant male, who walks with a swagger that makes his gonads swing back and forth, banging the inside of his legs.

Adult female Pig-tailed Macaque, “Ma Pigtail,” making sweet faces at her mate

Ma Pigtail may be looking sweet, but she’s a Bad Girl, as you will see in a moment.

Juvenile Pig-tailed Macaque, “Junior,” distracting an unsuspecting Thai tourist

Quicker than you can say “Pig-tailed Macaque,” Ma Pigtail moved over to the open door of an automobile, reached in and heisted two zip locks in the door compartment. Mrs. WC, in a heroic action, convinced the thief to drop one of the stolen bags, but Ma Pigtail, vastly pleased with herself, got away with the other.

Ma Pigtail with her stolen property

Ma Pigtail ignored the objecting Thai tourist and made a break for the trees.

Ma Pigtail makes her getaway

Once safe from annoyed tourists and the other adult macaques, she made a quick business of opening the bag. Which suggests this may not have been her first crime.

Ma Pigtails assessing her stolen goods

She dropped one of the bags of Thai crisps or whatever they were, but it was snatched out of the air before it could reach the ground by Junior, who also demonstrated he knew his way around shrink-wrapped goods.

Junior enjoying his hot property

The nearby, annoyed security guard yelled at the Thai tourist, but the damage was done. While WC has made light of this incident in this blog post, feeding wild animals never ends well for the wild critter. Ma Pigtail’s success means next time she may add assault to her list of crimes, especially if a tourist is foolish enough to try to stop her practicing the lifting lay. And when a tourist gets hurt by a wild animal, it’s usually the death warrant for the wild critter.

So, entertaining, but sad.

Readers cannot complain that all WC is doing is posting photos of Thailand birds.

3 thoughts on “Meet the Pigtails

  1. WC, all you post is pictures of birds, a criminal (but cute) macaque family and your wife being astonished by pachyderm poop. More elephant droppings please!

    Just kidding, I enjoy everything you post. Stay safe!


  2. Loving both the humor and the caution. And I will bet that, in future no car doors will be left open and unattended by any reader who is lucky enough to visit. Great shots and ones which will undoubtedly make for warm memories.

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